Kent Eisenhuth

Designing Products at a Human Level


I am an award winning designer who is setting industry standards in data visualization, product design and inclusive design.

I have spent over 15 years leading design teams in creating innovative products for companies like Google, Loon and Lutron. Are you interested in learning more? View my resume for more details on my career.


Drawing Product Ideas

Fast and Easy UX Drawing for Anyone

In Drawing Product Ideas: Fast and Easy UX Drawing for Anyone, RSA Fellow and Google Data Visualization Lead, Kent Eisenhuth delivers a new and exciting guide to effectively communicating product ideas by drawing just two simple things: boxes and lines! In the book, you'll learn why drawing is important and how it supports the design thinking process. You'll also discover how to build your drawing toolkit by exploring your own personal drawing style.


Authored Material Design’s data visualization guidelines.

I co-authored an internal set of guidelines for Google Material and an external set of guidelines for

These guidelines are used by over 120K developers, designers and digital producers annually.

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Led the design of Loon’s SDN and first design system.

The Loon SDN enables SREs, network operators and satellite engineers to understand the health of their constellations. It enables them to quickly identify and determine the root cause of network issues.

This work led to the start of the Loon SDN design system. The SDN was productized and was used by Loon customers including Telesat, a LEO satellite operator.

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Founded Google’s first advanced data visualization library.

Founded Google’s first advanced visualization component library that includes a network graph, event visualization, sankey diagram and workflow visualization.

43 Visualizations are prominently featured in 24 Google products. This work directly led to a measurable increase in product customer satisfaction.

3D printed COVID-19 face shields for first responders.

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE was in high demand. I quickly deployed a 3D printing operation in my basement, and I iterated on a face shield design for healthcare professionals and first responders.

Over the course of three months, I released 4 iterations of the design. I donated over 70 face shields to local hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

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Led early design strategy and pitch for Rivet by Google‘s Area 120.

I led the initial design of Rivet, an AI powered product that enables K-5 students to build their reading skills. This included leading the design of the intial pitch and early versions of the product. I also advised team leaders on design strategy and team building.

Rivet was downloaded over 15m times in the Google Play Store.

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My full portfolio is available upon request.


Realistic of Flat Design? Be Style Agnostic.
Making Complex Simple



I’ve spoken at several international conferences. I’ve delivered keynotes, lightning talks, and I’ve guest lectured at several universities in the United States.

Topics include:

  • Data visualization
  • Design leadership & strategy
  • Design systems
  • Visual communication
  • Visual languages

Sample talks:

View my talk from ISVIS 2022 on guiding principles for data accessibility.

View my talk from UXDX 2023 on lessons learned from our accessibility-first approach to data visualization.

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Awards & Press

My work and ideas have appeared in many publications and won awards in several international design competitions.

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Fast Compamy
The Guardian
Smashing Magazine
Tech Crunch

Notable Awards

Interaction17 Awards
UX Design Awards 2017